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Go Go Goblin
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Go Go Goblin

Exciting goblin launcher game. Goblins are small, legendary and evil green creatures but they can't fly. That's why they use catapult. In this game your job is to catapult wild in the sky and to get as far as you can. You'll have some problems because they aren't aerodynamic. That's why there's "Goblin Goods" equipment shop. There you can various things that will help you fly higher.

Paper wings - helps you glide

Firework rocket - gives good boost to catapult

Bladder - makes you bouncy

Magnet - collects coins near by

Armor - you can go trough nasty spikes

Also, you can upgrade your catapult. It has 3 levels - normal, ballista and cannon.

You buy upgrades with money you collect on flying tours.

Overall, nice and addicting game that will keep you entertained for some time. Have fun playing!

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Instructions: Launch goblin with SPACE.

Press arrow keys to use upgrades.

Tags: launcher
Go Go Goblin does't have highscore system!

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