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Pixel Quest
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Pixel Quest
Description: Meet Rex. He is an avid adventurer and treasure hunter who is tasked with finding the lost and forgotten, and this time he has been given the job of locating the Golden Frog Idols. Players will be tasked with clearing out over 40 varied and engaging levels, each designed to offer a new challenge as they work to recover each and every last idol. Along the way there will be obstacles to overcome, including lava pits, fields of spikes, falling debris and other traps synonymous with exploration and discovery. You'll also receive advice and tips along the way from Professor Watts, the eccentric researcher and historian who sent you on your journey, and who just happens to be more concerned with the idols than your personal safety … but then what would treasure hunting be without a little bit of danger!
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Instructions: Jump - W Move Right - D Move Left - A Duck - S Dash- L Mute - M Pause - P Retry - R Quit - ESC Check the Help Menu to see more control options and moves
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Pixel Quest

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