Powerpuff Girls Games

The Powerpuff Girls is animated TV series for kids first developed in 1992 by animator Craig McCracken. TV series lasted from November 1998 to March 2005. Also, there was special episode in 2008 celebrating series' 10th anniversary.

Professor Utonium had an attempt to create perfect little girls. He mixed "sugar, spice, and everything nice", but he accidentally spilled mysterious chemical substance called "Chemical X" in his mixture. That led to creation of three, not perfect, but special and superpower girls. They were named by Professor Utonium and their names are Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Girls later dedicated their lives to fight against evil.

Blossom is the smartest among the three. Her main color is pink. She has long red hair, pink dress with black stroke, large pink eyes and a red bow on the top of her head. She is the leader of the team and always takes care of her sisters. Blossom often reads books and she can play rock guitar. Her special ability is Ice Breath, she first used it in the episode "Ice Sore" when she saved Townsville from flame. What makes her different is also ability to speak and read Chinese.

Bubbles is merry, childish and very gentle girl. She has short, blonde, hair with two plaits, light blue eyes and dress. Bubbles is naive, overemotional and very scared of Mojo Jojo. Her best friend is toy Octi, toy octopus given to her by Professor. Her special power is screaming. She can scream so loud that glass shatters. Bubbles is polyglot, she speaks several languages including Japanese, Spanish, Squirrel and so on.

Buttercup is the strongest and sometimes very aggressive. She has short black hair with a small triangle on her forehead, green eyes and she is always dressed in light green. She has quick temper, sometimes shows her bad qualities and most of all she hates to lose. Buttercup is very violent and powerful and often called The Toughest Fighter. She can curl her tongue, but besides that she doesn't have any special ability that makes her different.