Swimming Games Online

Our collection of swimming games will let you swim without getting wet. Get ready for ultimate swimming and diving adventure. Pool or sea, it doesn't matter because it's always fun and entertaining.

As in almost every sport, you have competition to beat. Pick a technique (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke or your own) which suits you best and be the first in various competitions including Olympic games.

If you don't like pools or just want to find something new, we have online swimming adventure games for you. Dive in to find fishes, sharks or some new spices. Explore underwater world to find and collect coins and treasure from old times. Picture some of colorful fish or simple catch them. There are plenty of thinks you can do - swim, dive, jump, catch, photograph, etc. It's up to you to pick what's the best for you.

The best part of it that you don't get tired. It's just awesome how you can play them over and over again. Either you want to get real feel of water in your home or you just want to beat the clock, get some medals and become swimming hero.

You don't need goggles and cap, you can enjoy in real adventure of swimming just with keyboard, mouse and our free games.

Take a deep breath and dive in our online swimming games collection - Good luck!